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  • Date: July 15th-19th

    Leading up to the week of Golden Days the Fairbanks Chamber will hide a poke in a secret spot in the Fairbanks area. Beginning on Monday, July 15, 2019 the Chamber will release one clue per day up to 5 days. The winner must redeem the scroll representing the poke in exchange for a GOLD NUGGET at the Fairbanks Chamber office. The clues will be posted on this page as well as the Greater Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce Facebook page!

    Search for the Poke of Gold Rules & Regulations:

    1. Must be 18 years or older to participate, unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.
    2. The poke is hidden in an accessible location in a public space where no property will need to be damaged in order to find the poke.
    3. Participants must find the hidden poke of gold independently without seeking assistance from any businesses/organizations.
    4. Greater Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce employees or their relatives are not eligible to win.



  • Clue #1

    The midnight sun shines like a piece of art,

    here in our city with the Golden Heart. 

    Along the way you’ll hear the sled dogs whine,

    And the gold pans clinking at the Mine.

    Travel your way through the trusty Yukon,

    A path many prospectors counted on.

    Although sometimes the journey can be hectic,

    Our city will remain a safe haven in the Arctic.

  • Clue # 4

    The treasure you seek is west of the poles,

    Discover the 3 who can hear the bell toll.

    ET Barnette is a figure long gone,

    Just poke near the river next to Doyon.

  • Clue #2

    Flap here, flap there, it seems like they are everywhere.

    Tall and graceful, short and keen,

    these feathered friends take anything with a gleam.

    As you poke and plunder,

    they’ll stare at you with pure wonder.

    Don’t be absurd, look around and you’ll find this bird.

    The ones that watch over the poke are seen but unheard.

  • Clue #5

    Come hear a brief tale about 3 old friends.

    They live all together where the river bends.

    St. Matthew & George across the Chena Stare,

    while Williams gazes back to toward the stairs to nowhere.

    Follow salmon and geese to the cabin so old.

    Head away from the elk and get to the gold.

  • Clue #3

    Everywhere you look it’s like reading a gold rush book,
    Fairbanks history is everywhere you look!

    The town is alive with music and art,
    look downtown if you have yet to start.
    Our local artists can’t be stopped,
    And their work cannot be topped.

    Walls, drains, and steam vents, oh my!
    Don’t let one of these clues fly by!