• As your 2020 Board Chair, I intend to advocate for our business community. I look forward to sharing my commitment to my work with you this year. I’ll seek to engage with all of you through my support of growth, resiliency, and innovation for our business community as we begin a new decade here in the Interior. 

    The Fairbanks Chamber is on track to serve you, our members, with the utmost of care and concern as we begin anew. Our advocacy both locally and statewide, not to mention our connection with our DC contingent, is top notch and I believe there are wonderful opportunities for our community on the horizon. We will continue strong support for our military. We will continue to prioritize our unique University connection. We will continue to support our resource development sector at every curve. We will continue to stay abreast of transportation and infrastructure issues both statewide and at the Federal level. We will continue to advocate for a strong educational and workforce development community.

    There are challenges that the entire business community faces, like the behavioral health crisis, homelessness, and state budget austerity, that we can tackle together. We have a lot to look forward to as our community embraces the F-35 bed-down and welcomes increased investment and development on the North Slope — both major bright spots for Fairbanks and our economy. 

    The Fairbanks Chamber is a great asset to all who live, work and visit here. And if you’re not yet quite sure about that, and would like more information about how the Chamber can support you and your business, and your sector as a whole, reach out to us. We’ve got you. We are so grateful for your membership; we appreciate your support and partnership; and we could not do what we do without your volunteerism and camaraderie. Thank you sincerely for your dedication to this community. 


    Elected Directors

  • ANGIE-TALLANT-Somers-Associates-w249.jpg
  • Angie Tallant *

    Chair - Elect

    Somers Sotheby's International Realty

  • Geoff Welch

    Date-Line Digital Printing

    Geoff Welch Consulting and Coaching


    Appointed Directors


    Seated Directors

  • Jim Dodson

    Fairbanks Economic and Development Corporation

  • * These directors are also members of the Executive Committee