• It will be my privilege to work hard this next year behind the sense to help strengthen the bond between our Board of Directors, Our Advocacy Committees and our connection to our Community in was to operate more consistently through internal and external change. 

    One question I have posed is: How can the Chamber look at the subject “quality of life” so we can enjoy the community in which we live, work, and play?

    My Answer: We elevate our Chamber committees to see how the advocacy work we do contributes to the increased opportunities that enhance our current quality of life we have come to enjoy as Alaskans while we conduct business that thrive. The Chambers works hard to Advocate, Develop, and Promote you our members, so that you as individuals can continue to enjoy the moments that bring you joy. 

    As 2022 unfolds all of us are a part of adding to the Fairbanks tapestry and I look forward to what we choose to create.


    Appointed Directors


    Seated Directors

  • * These directors are also members of the Executive Committee