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  • The Greater Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce works to promote the greater Fairbanks area as an attractive place for business and community. We acknowledge the impact that local artists have on that community and making it a wonderful place for business, tourism, and residents to thrive. The Artist of the Year Award is meant to help both emerging and established local artists grow the business side of their art through opportunity, exposure, and networking.

    Through these opportunities, the Fairbanks Chamber hopes to strengthen the artist's ties to the community, grant them added exposure to future clients, sponsors, and patrons, as well as help them to build networking relationships to propel their future success.

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  • Meet the 2020 Artist of the Year

    Jamie Smith

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  • Jamie Smith was selected to be the 2020 Artist of the Year for his piece titled, Welcome Committee!

    Jamie Smith is the creator of the Alaskan cartoon feature “Nuggets” which has been appearing weekly in the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner in 1988. He also teaches drawing classes at local schools, participates in artist residencies giving classroom presentations, demonstrations and workshops, along with freelance illustration for clients throughout the community. He’s also been musing about cartooning, art, and teaching for over a decade at his blog “Ink & Snow” http://inksnow.blogspot.com/

    Originally from Western and Central New York, he grew up hiking the forests of the Allegheny, Catskill and Adirondack mountains before migrating to the interior of Alaska, where he has trekked across much of the state on long-distance solo back-country trips. He currently shares a cabin in Ester with his wife and a couple of crazy cats.