• Mission:

    The Greater Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce represents our members by advocating for a healthy economic environment and by building partnerships that promote the greater Fairbanks area as an attractive place for business and community.

  • Core Purpose:

    Business Advocacy - At the Fairbanks Chamber we know the marketplace and understand that the best thing we can do for our members is to work to create a pro-business environment that encourages private sector investment and job creation. We are focused on the betterment of all of our members by working with local, state and federal government officials. The Chamber strives to represent the membership and address the multiple needs of the business community.

  • Core Values: 

    The Chamber is non-partisan in its approach, and does not endorse or oppose legislation based upon political party philosophies or political party sponsorship. Nor does the Chamber endorse or support candidates for public office. All elected officials are welcome to comment and provide information on legislative issues pending before the Chamber’s Committees and/or the Board or Directors. The following core values enhance and support the Chamber’s mission and core purpose and shall act as guidelines when advocating for policy issues. 

    • Free Enterprise
    • Opportunities
    • Healthy Community
    • Responsible
    • Business Success