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    The Greater Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce is the leading voice advocating for community by supporting business prosperity in the Interior.





    The Chamber examines, amplifies, and advances the most critical issues.

    Government Relations

    Be the primary conduit for strong advocacy on behalf of business and community.

    Federal Appropriations

    Recognize the federal allocations and maintain preparedness to respond. Explore opportunities to diversify the Interior economy.

    Issues Forums

    Provide platforms and opportunities to engage business and organizations in examining and advocating for improved public policy.

    Advocacy Strength

    Maintain the strength of the Chamber ’s advocacy program and keep members informed how government relations benefits
    business and community.


    The Chamber improves our community through collaboration and leadership.

    Military Relations

    Support engagement for the mutual success of military and business.

    Academic Relations

    Build relationships with the University of Alaska and academic institutions to promote pathways, job readiness, worker
    advancement, and opportunity creation.

    Leadership Fairbanks®

    Provide training opportunities that strengthen and position future leaders in the community and Chamber.

    Community Organizations

    Build and support coalitions with organizations that work to enhance community.


    The Chamber facilitates prosperity by being a hub and resource for business.

    Signature Events

    Provide events for business and residents to interact, share, and promote mutually beneficial outcomes.

    Member Connections

    Provide the opportunities and platforms that allow members to establish and sustain meaningful connections.

    Demonstrate Value

    Attract a diverse representation of businesses community, ensuring every demographic sees value in Chamber membership.


    The Chamber is respected for its leadership, structure, and strategy.


    Create a governance structure that supports the Chamber’s strategic goals and continued growth.

    Professional Staff

    Provide professional development opportunities and support to attract and retain quality staff.


    Maintain and protect the Chamber ’s financial and organizational assets while implementing innovative approaches to opportunities and revenue.


    Gauge community and business awareness of the Chamber ’s impact and culture, allowing the board to make knowledge-based decisions.


    The Chamber is non-partisan in its approach, and does not endorse or oppose legislation based upon political party philosophies or political party sponsorship. Nor does the Chamber endorse or support candidates for public office. All elected officials are welcome to comment and provide information on legislative issues pending before the Chamber’s Committees and/or the Board or Directors.