• Features of a basic listing

    1. Business address and contact information

    2. 100 characters for Hours of Operation

    3. 200 characters for Driving Directions

    4. 200 characters for Business description

    5. Share links (this may not be turned on for all member pages)

    6. Basic map pin

    7. 240 characters for keywords (this information is used for keyword searches within the Business Directory)

    8. Random placement on a Business Directory Search

  • Features of Enhanced Listing

    Enhanced Business Directory Search

    1. Priority placement highlights the listing and keeps it above the basic listings

    2. Search results icon displayed

    3. Search Results summary displayed

    Enhanced Member Directory Page

    1. Member page header

    2. Member page logo

    3. 1600-character business description

    4. 5 bullet points that can link to different pages of the member's website

    5. Ability to show a YouTube video and 8 photo slide show

    6. Shows any current Hot Deals or Job Postings

    7. Enhanced map pin



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