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    Recap of the 2022 Juneau Fly-In

    The Greater Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce 2022 Juneau Fly-In was a successful event, and a wonderful return to being in-person down in Juneau. We were represented by 15 members who separated into 4 groups, connecting with 52 legislators, members of the Governor’s cabinet, state executives, as well as the Lt. Governor and Governor Dunleavy. Our participants attended a record number of meetings, totaling to over 60 meetings. 

    Attendees included representatives from: Laborers’ Local 942, Doyon Limited, Kinross Fort Knox, Usibelli Coal Mine, Tower Hill Mines, William B. Stapp Agency, Hedgecock Group Real Estate, Robinson & Ward P.C., RESPEC, The Odom Corporation, Denali State Bank, Fairbanks Economic Development Corporation, and 907 Livestock. 

    During the two-day event, teams met with legislators and staff, leadership from both the House and Senate as well as breakfast with Commissioner Mahoney of the Department of Revenue, and a decadent lunch at the restaurant SALT with Commissioner Anderson of DOT&PF. Individual teams had the opportunity to meet with Commissioner Sande of the Department of Commerce, Community and Economic Development, as well as Directors at the Department of Commerce, Community & Economic Development. Additionally, teams also met with Director Steininger at the Office of Management and Budget and Commissioner Brune from the Department of Environmental Conservation.  

    We were honored to receive an invitation to have breakfast at the Governor’s residence. We listened to remarks from the Governor, as well as a presentation from staff members about the Governor’s proposed budget for the coming year. This breakfast was delicious, and full of great discussion and opportunities for questions from our participants – as well as discussion of our two 2022 Advocacy priorities.  

    Wednesday evening we hosted over 120 legislators, administration representatives, and Juneau staff at our annual Legislative Reception. We offered an incredible spread of hors d’oeuvres at the Centennial Center on the downtown Juneau waterfront.  

    Please join us in 2023 to experience Alaska state government in the city where it all happens. We continued to leave our positive impact and have effective conversations in Capitol this year, join us in 2023 to help continue this great impression in Juneau! 

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