• Helping Alaska - Seeking an Executive Director

    Posted: 02/25/2024

    Seeking an Executive Director

    Helping Alaska, formerly Love in the Name of Christ of the Tanana Valley (Love INC), seeks an innovative leader to serve as Executive Director (ED). The ED will guide a professional Leadership Team and will work together with the local Christian churches to meet the unmet needs of people living in Alaska’s Tanana Valley. The ED and the Leadership Team work with volunteers who (a) carry out Helping Alaska’s mission, (b) maintain a visible presence in the community, and (c) work with churches and other partner agencies to support and develop new programs. The new leader will be a stabilizing presence for Helping Alaska, supporting the employees who are committed to providing high-quality services to the people they serve.

    About Helping Alaska

    For 38 years, our Christian-focused mission has helped people in their time of greatest need. Helping Alaska partners with local Christian churches and community organizations to provide resources, support, and guidance to residents of the Tanana Valley. Helping Alaska assists Alaskan families by providing essential resources to build community, change lives, and inspire hope. Through our integrated network of donors, church partners, volunteers, and staff, we met the needs of over 4000 Tanana Valley residents in 2023.

    The Executive Director is Responsible for Overseeing the Following:


    Minimum 2 years-experience in a non-profit leadership role, Bachelor’s degree preferred.
    Salary: $70,000 – $90,000 depending on experience

    The ideal candidate will bring experience in working effectively in nonprofit organizations, and show a commitment to (a) client services, (b) working with a Leadership Team (c) collaborating with local Christian churches and community organizations. In addition, the ideal candidate will show a record of leadership success and an understanding of the diversity of the region, ensuring all stakeholders are valued and heard.

    Those interested should send the following to sue.renes@gmail.com:

    (a) Cover Letter, (b) Resume, and (c) Three Letters of Reference.


    The Executive Director is Responsible for Overseeing the Following:


    Working with staff, Program Directors, Board of Directors, and partner churches to:         
    (a) Monitor comprehensive strategic goals for growth and success;                                                                              (b) Look for methods to improve quality, efficiency and productivity, reduce costs, improve control measures, and ensure excellent client service;
    (c) Supervise accurate recordkeeping and reporting of all financial activities, in-kind services, staff hours, client statistics, and volunteer hours, as well as church and program statistics;
    (d) Develop and monitor the annual operating budget and write an annual report;
    (e) Ensure proper maintenance of the organization’s facility, equipment, and grounds;
    (f) Comply with and ensure legal, insurance, tax, licensing, etc. are met;
    (g) Assist committees (Administrative, Program, Facilities, Fundraising, and Promotions) in meeting their obligations to the Board of Directors and partner churches
    (h) Develop, strengthen, and nurture relationships with faith organizations, partner churches, and community agencies that Helping Alaska depends on for providing services to clients;
    (I) Supervise Volunteer Coordinator in the recruitment, training, supervision and recognition of volunteers and ensure that resources are available for them to do their work.

    Public Relations
    o Shared with employees and Board Members, maintain a visible presence in the community, through bimonthly newsletters, website, public media, and presentations to communityorganizations,.
    o Shared with Program Directors, develop and maintain a schedule for church presentations to be given by the Executive Director and Board Members. Provide materials regarding church involvement (donations, client needs met and personal stories) to enable Board members to successfully present Helping Alaska to individual churches.
    o Oversee press releases, publications, videos, exhibits, and printed materials, including annual reports, and newsletters; design and produce brochures, advertisements, posters, and any other materials related to the marketing of events.
    o Shared with the Board Members and Program Directors, increase awareness of the organization and all its activities through effective, creative, and professional marketing and public relations.

    Working with staff, Program Directors, Board Members, partner churches, and community agencies to:
    o Develop and implement a cost-effective fundraising program involving individuals, businesses and private foundations.
    o Develop and implement specific campaigns for tax-credits, planned giving, charitable trusts, endowments, and development projects.
    o Direct the production of annual fundraising events and appeals.
    o Develop calendars, plans, and marketing material for fundraising events and appeals.
    o Seek grant funding to increase provision of services and minimize financial risk to the organization.
    o Ensure that all grants are administered to the satisfaction of the grantors and that all grant reports are accurate and submitted on a timely basis. Maintaining Relationships with the Board of Directors
    o Maintain regular and effective communication with the Board of Directors, including updating the President and/or Executive Committee, The Board of Directors are to be kept informed of program, legal, financial, and other matters. Ensure there is an open and productive flow of information between the Board and staff.
    o Provide a written report in advance of each Board meeting, documenting the organization’s current activities, statistics and plans for the following month.
    o Represent organizational and staff interests to the Board, provide counsel on Board decisions, and follow Board direction.
    o Assist the Board with direction setting, planning, and organizational evaluation.
    o Orient new Board Members and provide names of potential Board nominees.
    o The Executive Director receives an annual evaluation from the Board of directors.

    Human Resources
    o Oversee the Human Resource Officer.
    o Assist with the hiring and orientation of new employees.
    o Assist with educational and training opportunities for all staff.