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  • The voting period will begin Friday, October 6th and run through Thursday, October 20th at 5PM.
    Each Fairbanks Chamber member in good standing may cast one vote via the online voting platform. Ballots will be sent to the email address of the primary representative on file with the Chamber.
    Questions can be directed to the Chamber office at (907) 452-1105 or email at info@fairbankschamber.org.


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  • The Chamber's Board of Directors helps govern the organization, set a strategic direction, set policies and positions, represent our stakeholders' interests, ensure growth and progress, and to promote the organization.

    The Board governs the work of the Fairbanks Chamber that includes:


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  • QUESTIONS? Talk to the following:

    Patrick Cotter, Board Chair

    Jennifer Thompson, Nominations and Elections Committee Chair

    Jeremy Johnson, President & CEO