• 2024 Committee Member Application

    Please complete this form to request (or renew) committee membership for the new year. Your application will be reviewed by the chair of the relevant committee(s) and the Board of Directors.
    Member Status
    Please let us know if you have been a member of this committee before. If you are applying for multiple committees, and you have been a member of one before but not the other, please select "Other."
    Please enter the full name of your organization as it is registered as a member with the Fairbanks Chamber.
    Most committee communication is sent via email. Please provide the email address where you prefer to review and respond to these messages.
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    Please provide the best phone to reach you on committee business. This will not change your online account with the Fairbanks Chamber - it will only be used for committee communications.
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    Please let us know in 2-3 sentences why you are interested and how you might be able to contribute to this committee's work for the Fairbanks Chamber. If you are renewing, simply reply "renewing".
    I understand that it is my responsibility to be familiar with the bylaws of the Fairbanks Chamber and abide by them in my time as a committee member. *
    As a committee member, I commit to attend 75% of scheduled committee meetings either in person or virtually (to help ensure a quorum is reached at each meeting) and to engage in advocacy actions undertaken by the committee. I will be considered to have resigned after 3 consecutive absences (per the Chamber's bylaws). *
    I understand that my committee membership will be active from January 1 (or the date of approval) to December 31 unless I apply for a leave of absence or resign from the committee. *