• Greater Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors Application

    Thank you for your interest in serving on the Greater Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors. We're looking for emerging and established leaders from our community to govern the work of our local Chamber. We have an exceptional reputation for strong and effective advocacy.

    Serving on a board of directors can be a rewarding experience. The Fairbanks Chamber is seeking individuals interested in dedicating time and energy toward advancing the mission and goals of our organization. Here are some things you will likely want to know before saying “YES”!

    The Greater Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce is the leading voice advocating for community by supporting business prosperity in the Interior.

    President/CEO plus 5 staff members
    Board of 19 Elected Directors, 4 appointed Directors, and 7 Honorary Directors
    Executive Committee, Finance Committee, Elections & Nominations Committee plus 5 advocacy committees including:
    • Education & Workforce Development
    • Energy, Environment and Natural Resources
    • Government Relations
    • Military Affairs
    • Transportation & Infrastructure

    Membership: Your business must be a Fairbanks Chamber member in good standing.
    Time Commitment: 4-6 hours/month
    Meetings: 18-24 meetings annually
    Emails: You can expect to receive 1-2 emails per week.
    Term length: 3 years.

    1. Attend at least 75% of Board Meetings.
    2. Serve on a Chamber committee.
    3. Attend at least 1 Weekly Business Presentation each month.
    4. Sell 30 pink and 30 yellow Rubber Duckie tickets or make an equivalent financial donation to Golden Days ($450).
    5. Commit to at least 4-6 volunteer hours during Golden Days.
    6. Attend at least 1 of each of these events per year:
    Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies
    Business After-Hours Events
    7. Attend at least 3 of the following events per year:
    Juneau Fly-In
    Tanana Chiefs Conference Welcome Reception
    Military Appreciation Banquet
    Political Forums
    Executive Partner Reception
    Operation: Standing Together
    Annual Awards

    Your application will be reviewed by the Nomination & Elections Committee prior to their recommendation to the board of directors for approval of the final slate of candidates that will appear on the ballot.

    DEADLINE: September 28, 2023 AT 5:00 PM
    Do you acknowledge and accept the expectations of being a Board Member for the Greater Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce? *
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    In the last five years, have you served the Fairbanks Chamber as the CEO or staff person? *
    Do you have a relationship with an individual on staff, serving on a committee, or on the Board of Directors, at the Greater Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce? *
    This image will be printed on the ballot next to bio information provided above.
    The Fairbanks Chamber is working toward more opportunities to identify, recognize, and increase the diversity of our membership and board of directors. If you choose, please let us know if you identify with any of the categories listed below.