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    Join us in the capitol city to meet face-to-face with our state legislators and administration!

    Every year, the Greater Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce and its members go on a two-day trip to Juneau to inform legislators and the administration of our advocacy priorities and concerns.


  • Recap of the 2018 Juneau Fly-in

    The 2018 Juneau Fly-in was a success!  Fairbanks had 12 people travel to Juneau to represent the Greater Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce.

    During the two-day event, participants had the opportunity to meet with 38 legislative offices (a whopping 60% of the state legislature). For all other legislative offices that we could not meet with face-to-face, we integrated an intentional touch point into the schedule and dropped off our annual advocacy agenda to those offices. Other highlights include our participants being introduced on the House and Senate Floors by their senators and representatives, and meetings with:

    • The Governor, Lt. Governor, and Chief of Staff;

    • Dept. of Revenue Commissioner Fisher;

    • Dept. of Transportation Commissioner Luiken;

    • Dept. of Natural Resources Commissioner Mack;

    • Dept. of Labor Deputy Commissioner Cashen; and

    • Pat Pitney, Office of Management and Budget Director 

    The Fairbanks Chamber hosts one of the best attended receptions in Juneau during the annual fly-in.  Against the backdrop of the Juneau Douglas Museum’s rich history, cultural and arts exhibits, meaningful exchanges and relationship building happens organically.

    We hope you can join us next year February 20-21, 2019 for this annual advocacy event!