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  • Cost of Healthcare Insurance Committee Cost of Healthcare Insurance Committee

    Committee Purpose:

    The purpose of the CHIC is to advise through education to the GFCC and its members on subject matters regarding why there is such a high cost of healthcare premiums.

    Meeting Time:
    First & third Friday of each month, Noon-1PM, at 714 4th Ave., Suite 302


    Garry Hutchison
    Kohler, Schmitt & Hutchison CPA
    (907) 456-6676


          Volunteer Committee Members:

    1. Fred Brown, Health Care Cost Management Corp. of Alaska
    2. Janet Daley, ABR Inc.
    3. Will Daniels, Doyon, Limited
    4. Rebecca Dean, TVC Orthopedics & Sportsmedicine
    5. Jaci Glenn, RISQ Consulting
    6.  Cheryl Kilgore, Interior Community Health Center
    7. Shaun Lewis, Alaska Employee Benefits Inc.
    8. Pat Thayer, HDR Alaska, Inc.
  • Education & Workforce Development Education & Workforce Development

    Mission Statement:
    The Education & Workforce Development Committee serves to advise Chamber members on matters of education that relate to the business community and promote a quality educational system. 

    Meeting Time:
    11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. on the 1st Wednesday of each month at the Chamber Office


    Sabrina BinkleySabrina Binkley
    Spruce Tree Montessori School
    (907) 479-8733


          Volunteer Committee Members:

    1. Bobby Hanson, Fountainhead Development, Inc.
    2. Daniel Domke, FNSB School District
    3. Ernie Manzie, Family Centered Services
    4. Jonathan Tibbs, Wells Fargo Bank
    5. Kathryn Strle, Fairbanks Daily News Miner
    6. Keith Bartusch, Denali State Bank
    7. Keith Swarner, UAF CTC
    8. Lael Oldmixon, UA College Savings
    9. Mel Sikes, Fairbanks Soil and Water Conservation District
    10. Sharice Walker, FNSB School District
    11. Cassandra Ferree, Catholic Schools of Fairbanks
    12. Cathy Winfree, UAF CTC
    13. Mindy O'Neall, Laborers Local 942
  • Energy, Environment & Natural Resources Energy, Environment & Natural Resources

    Mission Statement:
    The Energy, Environment & Natural Resources Committee focuses on the concerns of economical delivery, production and end-use of energy for our residents and advocates for the development and use of Alaskan's natural resources and strives to have a working knowledge of technical, financial, and political aspects surrounding development.

    Meeting Time:
    7:30 a.m. - 8:30 a.m. on the 2nd & 4th Wednesdays of each month at the Chamber Office


    Rick Solie
    Tower Hill Mines - Livengood Gold Project

    (907) 328-2815

           Volunteer Committee Members:

    1. Adrian Gall, ABR, Inc
    2. Dan Britton, Fairbanks Natural Gas
    3. David Fish, Aurora Energy
    4. David Prusak, Interior Gas Utility
    5. Genevieve Schok, Flowline Alaska
    6. John Ringstad, BP
    7. Joni Sharfenberg, Fairbanks Soil & Water Conservation District
    8. Ken Hall, Lynden Transport
    9. Roger Burggraf, Greatland River Tours
    10. Uriah Nalikak, Petro Star
    11.  Jomo Stewart, FEDC
  • Government Relations Government Relations

    Mission Statement:
    The Government Relations Committee monitors proposed or existing laws, policies and regulations affecting Chamber members or its mission. The Committee takes a proactive posture in advancing matters of importance to our community or our state. From time to time, the Committee submits formal recommendations to the Board and takes a lead role in advocating Chamber positions externally. 

    Meeting Time:
    8:00 a.m. every Tuesday at the Chamber Office

    John Ringstad,



           Volunteer Committee Members:

    1. Anna Atchison, Kinross Fort Knox
    2. Chris Darrah, Shannon & Wilson
    3. Genevieve Schok, Flowline Alaska
    4. Jacob Howdeshell, Laborers' Local 942
    5. Jenny Mahlen, First National Bank Alaska
    6. Julie Duquette, Slayden Plumbing and Heating
    7. June Rogers, McCafferty's a Coffee House
    8. Lisa Herbert, Usibelli Coal Mine
    9. Rebecca Dean, TVC Orthopedics & Sportsmedicine
    10. Sarah Lefebvre, Exclusive Paving
    11. Sarah Obed, Doyon, Limited
  • Military Affairs Military Affairs

    Mission Statement:

    The Military Affairs Committee promotes cooperative relationships between the military and Interior Alaskan businesses to maintain and enhance the economic value of our military installations.

    Meeting Time:
    9:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. on the 2nd Friday of each month at the Mt. McKinley Bank 4th Ave, 4th Floor Conference Room

    Tim Jones 
    Doyon Utilities
    (907) 455-1595


           Volunteer Committee Members:

    1. Althea St. Martin, Republican Women of Fairbanks
    2. Brandon Phillips, Madden Real Estate
    3. Gene Cramer, Madden Real Estate
    4. Jason Clark, Interior Alaska Roofing
    5. Jennifer Thompson, MAC FCU
    6. Keith Scruggs, Birchwood Homes
    7. Kristin Baysinger, SMG and Carlson Center
    8. Lisa Herbert, Usibelli Coal Mine
    9. Nicole Stewart, Petro Star Inc.
    10. Ron Johnson, North Haven Communities
    11. Stacy Markham, MAC FCU
    12. Steve Lundgren, Denali State Bank
    13. Misty Bruce, The American Red Cross
    14. Mary Kreta, UAF
    15. Janice Weslind, USO
    16. Scott Eickholt, Laborers Local 942
    17. Jomo Stewart, FEDC
  • Transportation Infrastructure Transportation Infrastructure

    Mission Statement:
    The Transportation Infrastructure Committee advocates for improvement and growth in transportation infrastructure for the Northern Region including roads, railroad, aviation, terminals and water access with a goal to enhance Fairbanks as the Alaska and Northern Region transportation hub and increase the capability to service International traffic.

    Meeting Time:
    7:00 a.m. every Thursday at Denny's Restaurant

    Sarah Lefebvre,
    Exclusive Paving/University Redi-Mix

    (907) 488-0950 


           Volunteer Committee Members:

    1. Alyssa Stephan, Alaska Airlines
    2. Calvin Gustafson, Alaska Railroad
    3. Clark Milne, DOWL
    4. David Miller, Everts Air
    5. Don Galligan, FNSB
    6. Doug Isaacson, Minto Development Corporation
    7. Jackson Fox, FMATS
    8. James Little, JCL Engineering
    9. Jeremy Worrall, AK DOT&PF, Statewide Aviation
    10. Katrina Martolano, Brenntag
    11. Lake Williams, IUOE Local 302
    12. Melissa Osborn, Fairbanks International Airport
    13. Mike Davis, GHEMM, Inc.
    14. Roger Burggraf, Greatland River Tours
    15. Stan Halverson, Alaska Aero Fuel
    16. Tom George, Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
    17.  Jaci Glenn, RISQ Consulting