• Our Brand

    The Board of Directors initiated a strategic branding project in 2016 in an effort to ensure the future growth and ongoing success of the Chamber.  This project included an examination of our organization’s purposes and goals as well as an analysis of how we can best serve our community and our members. We conducted a “Member Perception Survey” to gain feedback on communication preferences, organizational awareness, membership benefits, and values as perceived by current Chamber members. To assess the opinions and feelings of the broader community, there were also individual phone surveys conducted with non-members regarding the role of the Chamber and the perception of our organization.


    The data from these processes was analyzed and presented to us and used as the foundation of a rebranding effort to shape a new communications strategy, refine our Core Values, and focus our goals for the future of the Chamber and its members. We also refreshed the Chamber logo to represent our newly defined foundation.


    Though the Fairbanks Chamber has several levels of service, we can simplify the Chamber’s work into three main categories, represented by each of the rings of the new brand image. Defining these categories helps to focus our communication and identity efforts.


    ADVOCACY - We advocate for and work toward the best environment possible for businesses, both big and small, to survive and thrive in the Greater Fairbanks Area.

    PROMOTION - We create awareness that drives economic strength and growth for Interior Alaska.

    DEVELOPMENT - We strive to be an informational resource and a networking hub where enterprising people can use and share knowledge.


    Through advocacy, we will affect policy that creates an ideal environment for businesses of all sizes to prosper in our region while promoting those businesses throughout the community and fostering the development of resources that position the Chamber as a hub of information and connections. The Chamber will find success by keeping these goals in balance and our community will thrive when we capitalize on the intersections between them.

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  • we are a proud member of the stand for alaska coalition! are you?

    The Greater Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce's number 2 priority in 2018 is to support the Stand for Alaska coalition, which will work to inform fellow Alaskans of the real dangers of the ballot initiative called Stand for Salmon, and the creation of a job-killing, community damaging regulation that would hurt the state’s ability to develop many of its natural resources. Alaska has a robust permitting process already in place.  

    This ballot initiative will appear on the November 6th ballot during the general election.

    We encourage our members to sign up for the coalition alongside the Fairbanks Chamber and many other businesses in Fairbanks. Find out more at www.standforak.com

    Campaign paid for by Stand for Alaska Vote No on 1, 200 West 34th Avenue, PMB 1219, Anchorage, AK 99503. Marleanna Hall, chair, Aaron Schutt, Jaeleen Kookesh, Joey Merrick, and Sarah Lefebvre, co-chairs, approved this message.  Top contributors are ConocoPhillips Alaska, Anchorage, Alaska, Donlin Gold LLC, Anchorage, Alaska and BP Alaska, Anchorage, Alaska.