• Mayor Bryce Ward

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  • City of North Pole
    125 Snowman Lane
    North Pole, AK 99705
    (907) 488-2281

  • Bryce Ward is the current Mayor for the City of North Pole, Alaska.  Currently serving his second term, Bryce is also a small business owner of a general contracting company, Ward Alaska LLC and also owns a residential rental business, Redstone Properties.  Bryce was born and raised in the Interior and has called the Fairbanks-North Pole area home ever since.  He earned his associates degree in business and a certificate in management from the University of Alaska Fairbanks Community Technical College and has worked hard to put his skills to work in the private and public arenas.

    Bryce and his father were recently featured on the DIY channels Reality TV show, ‘building off the Grid’ which showcased them building a remote cabin together in the Interior.  When Bryce is not managing the affairs of the City, running his businesses or on TV he enjoys spending time with his family, which includes being a father himself to his firstborn son Kipton, exploring the wilderness of Alaska and developing new business ideas.


  • we are a proud member of the stand for alaska coalition! are you?

    The Greater Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce's number 2 priority in 2018 is to support the Stand for Alaska coalition, which will work to inform fellow Alaskans of the real dangers of the ballot initiative called Stand for Salmon, and the creation of a job-killing, community damaging regulation that would hurt the state’s ability to develop many of its natural resources. Alaska has a robust permitting process already in place.  

    This ballot initiative will appear on the November 6th ballot during the general election.

    We encourage our members to sign up for the coalition alongside the Fairbanks Chamber and many other businesses in Fairbanks. Find out more at www.standforak.com

    Campaign paid for by Stand for Alaska Vote No on 1, 200 West 34th Avenue, PMB 1219, Anchorage, AK 99503. Marleanna Hall, chair, Aaron Schutt, Jaeleen Kookesh, Joey Merrick, and Sarah Lefebvre, co-chairs, approved this message.  Top contributors are ConocoPhillips Alaska, Anchorage, Alaska, Donlin Gold LLC, Anchorage, Alaska and BP Alaska, Anchorage, Alaska.