• Energy Committee

    John Ringstad
    BP Exploration (Alaska) Inc.
    Dan Britton
    Fairbanks Natural Gas, LLC
    Ken Hall
    Lynden Transport, Inc.
    Sales Associate
    Uriah Nalikak
    Sourdough Fuel/Petro Star
    Lynn Thompson
    Golden Valley Electric Association
    Vice president, power supply
    Julie Duquette
    A & A Roofing
    Bill Beaudoin
    Alaskan Viewpoint Lodge
    Misha Knuettel
    Government Account Manager
    Mindy O'Neall
    Laborers Union, Local #942
    Organizer/Strategic Communication
  • we are a proud member of the stand for alaska coalition! are you?

    The Greater Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce's number 2 priority in 2018 is to support the Stand for Alaska coalition, which will work to inform fellow Alaskans of the real dangers of the ballot initiative called Stand for Salmon, and the creation of a job-killing, community damaging regulation that would hurt the state’s ability to develop many of its natural resources. Alaska has a robust permitting process already in place.  

    This ballot initiative will appear on the November 6th ballot during the general election.

    We encourage our members to sign up for the coalition alongside the Fairbanks Chamber and many other businesses in Fairbanks. Find out more at www.standforak.com