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    About Us

    I was born and raised in Fairbanks, and grew up involved in the art community. I danced at North Star Ballet from the ages of 5-18, was in The Nutcracker for 12 years and many other ballets. During the summer of 2019, I worked at The Alaska House. I helped Yolanda Fejes with hanging shows, talking with artists, and immersing myself in the world of Alaskan art. I helped curate, organize, and run First Fridays at Trax Outdoor Center. My art has been sold around Fairbanks in The Alaska House, Trax Outdoor Center, Just the Tips, Blush Moon Boutique, The Bear Gallery, Enchanted Forest, Roaming Root and more. I’m honored to be the 2022 Featured Artist at the Northern Alaska Environmental Center. My painting was on the Run for the Refuge shirts and auctioned off for Night for the North.

    Although I have deep family history in Fairbanks, I hope to continue the momentum I’ve created for myself. I’m a strong believer that every artist has a purpose in our town. I hope to one day open a space where I can provide a studio, classes, or a place for emerging artists to showcase their work in a professional setting.


    Flying North by Anya Toelle 2023
    The Lightbringer by Lyndsi Harris 2022
    Welcome Committee by Jamie Smith 2020
    Crane by Katie Ganley 2019
    Harrison Carpenter 2018
    Chelsea Roehl 2017
    Hannah Foss 2016
    Brianna Reagan 2015
    Trevor Gridley 2014
    Lucas Elliott 2013
    Matt Moberly 2012