• Event Coordinator

    Current position available for a talented and motivated Events Coordinator to organize outstanding and memorable events.

    The Coordinator is responsible for every part of planning, promoting and executing events.

    Excellent communication, the ability to multitask and attention to detail skills are vital to this role. Applicants must also be proficient with Microsoft Office Suite.

    A Bachelor’s Degree in hospitality management or public relations is preferred.

    This is a full-time position with pay starting at $22/HR depending on experience, Monday thru Friday 8am-5pm.



    • Highschool diploma or Equivalent
    • Previous Experience as an Event Coordinator
    • Proficient with Microsoft Office Suite
    • Background will be viewed
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    Begin your application online at www.tdlstaffing.com
    Call our office for further information or with questions at 907-455-8300