• Program Assistant

    Posted: 02/14/2021

    Fairbanks Youth Soccer Association is seeking a standout, soccer-loving, spreadsheet-savvy, service-oriented, seasonal superstar for support this summer session! Extra points if you can recall how many S’s were used in that previous sentence without looking back. Obviously you looked…
    Although the fields are still covered in snow and the temperature outside is far from soccer-friendly, the incredible amount of work that goes into making our large summer programs run smoothly starts months before the first blade of green grass appears.
    We are looking to hire Program Assistant(s) to help share the load of tasks that are upon us in the registration window of March & April, the season-prep period of May, and the summer season of June & July. This position is seasonal and can be filled by either one full-time or two part-time individuals.
    While a background in soccer is not required, it certainly helps! Other experience with youth sports or youth programs is also great. The most important requirements and keys for success in this position include a mindset of doing right by our members, the ability to learn quickly, follow specific directions, attention to detail in terms of data-related matters, remain steady through potential stressful situations, multi-tasking and… spreadsheets.
    While our main priority is always assisting our membership through excellent customer service, the full scope of work in the FYSA office is very wide-ranging. Over the course of these months, along with the Executive Director and Program Coordinator, duties for our Program Assistant(s) will include things such as:
    Assist members with registration
    Answer questions regarding program details via phone, social media, email & in-person
    Assist with keeping our website up to date with accurate information
    Assist members with purchase of player gear, including soccer cleats
    Keeping inventory of player gear and program supplies organized
    Distribute player gear purchases once all materials have arrived
    Take payment for purchases or registration
    Cleaning & sanitizing according to COVID-19 guidelines
    Assist with recruitment of volunteer coaches and referees
    Put together team gear bags for coaches
    Enter team roster and schedule information to the online system for participants
    Maintain and be familiar with a variety of detailed spreadsheets that help keep all information for the season organized such as teams, schedules, gear purchases, etc.
    Communicate program specific details via bulk or direct emails, phone calls, social media posts, etc.
    Assist with efforts pertaining to sponsorships with local businesses
    Monitor program activities and assist with resolving minor issues on-site during the season for game nights, practices, camp weeks, special events, etc.
    There are even more tasks that go into what makes our program run, but we can only list so many here! The important thing to note is that the position of Program Assistant is not to be responsible for all of these matters. The Executive Director’s job is to make sure everything from A to Z is attended to. Along with the Program Coordinator, the Program Assistant(s) might be best suited to take ownership of Tasks A to H, or T to Z, or some combination of CFKLOPQVY 🙂 Our job is to divide and conquer and play to our strengths. *We work so that kids can play* regardless of how the duties are shared.
    For those wanting to round out their involvement as a Program Assistant with the organization, there are also opportunities to fill your work days, weeks and months with other soccer tasks like field work, coaching, referee-ing, etc. So while most of what we will see is office work, those who want to get out and do more will definitely have the chance to do so.
    Schedule! As mentioned earlier, this is a seasonal position and the schedule will vary between 3 distinct periods. In March & April, we are in registration mode, with shifts being primarily within regular workday hours. Some Saturday work may be planned as we often have some weekend soccer activities taking place throughout some of these weeks. There is flexibility, with a desire for consistency for everyone. Our priority is keeping our office open and available to assist our members. Once registration ends in the beginning of May, our focus for the entire month is going full-speed with organizing the season through team formation, schedule creation, organizing gear purchases to be picked up, team gear for coaches, setting up all our program materials at the fields, and answering many questions from families who are registered, as well as assisting with any late registrations. This will also be primarily kept to regular daytime workday hours, but with options to work a bit more as we plow through our list of season-prep tasks. Some data-related work can even be done from home. Once the season begins (after Memorial Day), our schedules shift into afternoons and evenings for June & July. We have league games Monday through Thursday evenings as well as Saturday mornings. All hands are on deck on weeknight league days, and we maintain office hours in the afternoon. The Saturday morning shifts are intended to be split up and shared between the office staff, so no one is giving up their entire summer’s worth of Saturday mornings. Fridays are typically a pretty light, short day, sometimes with the option to be off entirely depending on the week.
    This position covers a lot of ground, but can be so rewarding. The detailed description contained here may appear more daunting than the job warrants, but make no mistake, we enjoy a flexible, fun and relaxed work environment that is focused on taking care of our members and accomplishing specific tasks as we ensure our vast program is organized and managed with care. There is a great feeling, standing in the center of our large soccer complex, as you hear whistles blowing and parents cheering, with hundreds of youth visible in every direction, enjoying our sport during our beautiful Alaskan summer months.
    This position is available to be filled now and compensation will be based on experience, with a minimum starting rate of $14/hr.
    Feel free to reach out with any questions for additional details via email. Interested individuals should send a resume to the FYSA Executive Director at director@fairbanksyouthsoccer.com