• Head Start Teacher

    Posted: 03/05/2023

    Thrivalaska is looking for Head Start Teachers
    to join our dynamic and family friendly team!

    Thrivalaska is a community-based corporation founded in 1974 and is committed to the delivery of high-quality services to children and families.

    Position details:
    Head Start Teacher
    Permanent /Full time position, 40 hours per week.
    Eligible for all employer sponsored benefits.

    Salary: DOEE: - Range $20.25 - $25.36

    Position Summary:

    To provide a successful, safe and supervised educational setting for children while they are in the Head Start environment (classroom, outdoor play area, and field trips). To promote the social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development of Head Start children. Encourage parent involvement in all aspects of the program. To develop individual goals for children, provide on-going assessment on progress and facilitate transition into kindergarten.  Guide and mentor classroom staff.
    Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Required:
    1. Minimum educational requirement of an Associate's Degree in early childhood education or a Bachelor's in early childhood or an Associate’s/ Bachelor's in a related field that includes 6 classes focusing on early childhood education/development. Experience in pre-school classroom is required, two years is preferred. Diploma will be required to validate Early Childhood Education degree or transcripts to validate 6 related classes if related Associate’s/ Bachelor's Degree.
    2. Prefer two years’ experience in pre-school classroom with ability to adapt curriculum to meet the needs of all children including at risk, special needs, gifted, and culturally diverse populations.
    3. Must have access to transportation for home visits. When driving vehicle must have a valid Alaska Driver's License and proof of auto insurance.
    1. Ability to apply Early Childhood Development theory in daily classroom activities, and adapt to the individual needs of children.
    2. Ability to set and maintain professional boundaries with families.
    3. Keyboarding skills, computer literacy and familiarity with various applications such a database, word processing, e-mail and internet.
    4. Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
    1. Supervise and monitor children at all times.
    2. Set up environment (indoor/outdoor) for the activities of the day.
    3. Use developmentally appropriate practices to facilitate activities with groups and individuals.
    4. Observe and record behaviors of children to assist in the identification of each child's strengths and areas to grow.
    5. Participate in monthly staffing of children with all staff as appropriate.
    6. Integrate all Head Start components into classroom time.
    7. Utilize lesson plans which reflect mandated elements, parental and cultural influences, and promote the social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development of Head Start children.
    8. Follow a consistent schedule which includes small and large group experiences, choice time, music and movement, large and small motor activities, skill development, two meals, and effective transitions between activities.
    9. Encourage experimentation, exploration, problem solving, cooperation, socialization, and choice making; ask open-ended questions and listen respectfully to the answers.
    10. Provide an atmosphere that promotes and reinforces parental involvement in the classroom.
    11. Work with special needs staff in the classroom to develop a collaborative approach that benefits all children in the classroom and meets the needs as specified on the IEP.
    12. Sanitize classroom equipment and laundry.
    13. Assist with meal service as needed, while following CACFP guidelines.
    14. Respond appropriately to crisis or emergency situations that may occur.
    15. Develop and utilize integrated curriculum plans, which reflect mandated elements and components, parental and cultural influences, and promote the social, emotional physical and cognitive development of Head Start children.
    16. Advocate for successful child and family development experiences.
    17. Communicate with children and family members with respect and honor.
    18. Whenever possible, assist children and families.
    19. Support child and family development goals
    1. Practice family centered and relationship based philosophy.
    2. Participate in regularly scheduled team meetings to plan for and deliver collaborative services across all components.
    3. Coordinate special needs staff in the classroom when indicated, developing a collaborative approach that benefits all children in the classroom.
    4. Adapt curriculum to address and meet individual goals for children as identified in their individualized education plans.
    5. Assess individual and group needs, attending to special needs, specific interests, strengths and concerns.
    6. Establish weekly goals that promote individual and group educational plans and include other Head start components.
    7. Maintain accurate written records, including: assessments, IEP documentation, screening instruments, anecdotal observations, and other required forms.
    8. Document all significant classroom issues, parent contacts and home visits.
    9. Support Family Advocate in documentation regarding particular concerns with families and children at scheduled meetings.
    10. Monitor and report child abuse.
    11. Assist with breaks, bus monitoring and other classroom needs as requested.
    12. Attend meetings, trainings and appropriate professional development activities.
    13. Assure general maintenance and security of facility and assist with inventory of equipment and supplies.
    14. Is familiar with and adheres to the NAEYC code of ethics.
    15. Maintains confidentiality of information at all levels.
    16. Participate during program self-assessment and evaluation processes.
    17. Participate during community assessment activities.
    18. Support, implement and participate in program goal setting process to include strategic planning.
    1. Continually seek out and process in-kind opportunities to include services and supplies.
    2. Follow procurement and accounting procedures.
    3. Actively seek out ways to reduce program cost whenever possible.
    4. Report all suspected fraud activities.
    1. Maintain and pursue a personal training plan in order to stay current with relevant Early Childhood practices
    2. Annually review personal training plan and seek ways to reach stated goals
    3. Attend meetings, trainings, and appropriate professional development activities as assigned
    4. Maintain qualifications required by Head Start performance standards.
    5. Participate in developing and accomplishing staff development goals. 
    6. Meet and actively pursue the minimum yearly training required for your position.
    7. Support program supervisor in attainment of program goals and mission.
    8. Attend NIA-AEYC yearly conference, when possible share knowledge through hosting a workshop.
    1. Presents a professional image when representing Thrivalaska.
    2. Promotes the Head Start mission, philosophy, and goals at all time.
    3. Actively seek out partnerships with community members and agencies to enhance program services and resources.
    4. Enthusiastically promote Thrivalaska programs.
    5. Actively and regularly recruit children and families for best placement within all programs.
    1. Support and provide assistance for the work of the Board of Directors, Policy Council and advisory groups.
    2. Provide child care, meals and transportation for Board of Director and when appropriate Policy Council and advisory group meetings.
    3. Follow the chain of communication.
    1. Support the mission and goals.
    2. Promotes teamwork concept in relationship and strength based organization.
    3. Promotes a positive wok environment.
    4. Project professionalism in conducting daily activities.
    5. Provides outstanding customer care to staff and community partners in a positive professional manner.
    6. Flexible, adaptable and able to adjust to a variety of change and situations.
    7. Follows all guidelines and procedures on confidentiality.
    8. Observes good housekeeping and safety practices, maintains cleanliness and orderliness.
    9. Can be relied on regarding task completion and follow up.
    10. Uses logical and sound judgment, applies common sense.
    11. Makes timely decisions and maintains composure under trying circumstances.
    12. Enhances job growth through continuing education, as required or necessary.
    13. Promotes quality, accuracy, timeliness, reliability and thoroughness of work performed.
    14. Is punctual and reliable.

    For more information or to fill out an application, contact Lisa Smart at lsmart@thrivalaska.com or visit the Thrivalaska website at thrivalaska.com