• Do you enjoy typing and challenging your speed and accuracy? As an office Typist you have the ability to develop your expertise, challenge your skills and assist in accurately documenting important information.
    Effective typists will possess exemplary listening and comprehension skills, excellent time management and a high level of accuracy. A Strong understanding of formatting and editing is also required.
    To be considered for this position applicants must have the ability to type 50-80 wpm and must be proficient with Microsoft word. 
    Job Responsibilities:
    • Analyze drafts, corrected reports, voice recordings and dictation devices to type information in a way that is usable and organized
    • Edit completed material to eliminate unnecessary wording and ensure compliance with grammar, spelling and formatting rules
    • Participate in meetings to record minutes and effectively filter content to include only information that is applicable, important and necessary for reference later on
    • Register data that needs to be typed, and guarantee that all instructions are clearly understood and followed for optimal readability
    • File completed documents in a computer filing system with vigilant attention paid to topics, content and required end-users to make sure everything is saved in the correct place
    • Other office support duties as needed -answering phones, running errands, receiving/sending emails.
    This is a full-time position, Monday-Friday 8am-5pm with pay starting at $20-$23/HR, depending on experience.
    • Highschool diploma or equivalent
    • Ability to type 50-80wpm
    • Proficient with MS word 
    • Excellent oral and written comprehension skills
    • Effective listening skills
    • Background will be viewed
    • Drug free environment
    Applicants never pay fees when applying with or working for TDL Staffing
    Begin your application online at www.tdlstaffing.com
    Call our office for further information or with questions at 907-455-8300