• A/P-Payroll Specialist

    We are looking for an Excel savvy -experienced and detail-oriented Payroll Specialist to be responsible for all payroll-related tasks.

    Excellent communication, strong organization and time management skills are required to be successful in this position.

    Applicants should possess working knowledge of basic accounting principles and payroll practices. A degree in accounting, business or related field is preferred.

    A minimum of 2 years of related experience and experience in accounts payable also required.


    Responsibilities Include:

    • Collect timesheet data and payroll information
    • Enter data into payroll and administrative databases/software programs
    • Calculate wages, benefits, tax deductions, commissions etc
    • Prepare and process paychecks and cash deposits
    • Maintain accurate records of payroll documentations/transactions
    • Respond to payroll-related inquiries and resolve concerns
    • Account balance and payroll reconciliation
    • Prepare financial reports for accounting/auditing purposes
    • Prepare payroll reports for review by management


    This is a full-time position with pay starting $23-$28/HR Depending on experience. Monday-Friday 8am-5pm


    Minimum Requirements:

    • Associates degree or higher
    • VERY proficient with Excel
    • 2 years of accounting/payroll software experience
    • Background will be reviewed
    • Drug free workplace
    Applicants never pay fees when applying with or working for TDL Staffing
    Begin your application online at www.tdlstaffing.com
    Call our office for further information or with questions at 907-455-8300