This scholarship was established in 2020 and aims to encourage and increase diversity of emerging and established leaders from the Greater Fairbanks area who participate in the annual Leadership Fairbanks program hosted by the Greater Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce.

    We invite applications from members of all underrepresented groups, including but not limited to race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual identity, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, ability, disability, etc. We also invite applications from members of underrepresented groups that don't fit into the categories listed above, as we recognize we may not have captured all groups in our description.

    A written recommendation with clear indication that the applicant has been identified by their organization for leadership development. If the applicant is the owner/principal of their business, the applicant can write their own recommendation letter.

    Scholarship recipients are expected to attend and participate in the entire Leadership Fairbanks program. Please ensure that you can fully attend during the dates and times of the sessions and commit to the time commitment of being a program participant before applying. These can be found at fairbankschamber.org/leadership-fairbanks.

    We do not expect scholarship recipients to be responsible for being an ambassador for their group or an educator of others. While learning and exchange may happen as a result of interactions between Leadership Fairbanks participants, scholarship recipients are encouraged to focus on getting the most out of their leadership development experience. Scholarship recipients will not be assigned special duties or obligations apart from attendance, participation to their comfort, and giving us feedback on their experience. These are basic expectations for all participants. Scholarship recipients will not be identified within the cohort.

    Applicant needs to have access to a computer with audio/visual capabilities and high-speed internet during the scheduled online sessions of the program and to complete components of the program between online group sessions.

    Scholarship Selection:
    The following criteria will be considered in the selection process:
    • All application materials are submitted and the applicant meets the eligibility requirements
    • The applicant has been identified by their employer as a candidate for leadership development (self employed can self identify)
    • How the applicant will be involved and committed to Leadership Fairbanks and their own development
    • How the applicant will benefit from receiving the scholarship
    • How the applicant will bring diverse life experiences to the program
    The Greater Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce will award scholarships at its discretion and as funds are available. There will be at least one scholarship available annually. Businesses and individuals can increase the number of scholarships available through sponsorship opportunities.

    The application deadline is Friday, September 3, 2021. The scholarship recipient will be notified no later than Friday, September 10.
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    In the case that YOU are the owner of your business, you are permitted to write your own recommendation.