• Fred Meyer eCommerce (Clicklist) Hourly Associate

    Fred Meyer Stores
    Job Description
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    eCommerce in our world means: If you’re tired of sitting at a desk or standing behind a register and want to be active at your job, than you’ve come to the right place. We are a Fortune 17 company with the feel of your corner grocery store. In our entry level eCommerce roles you won’t have any trouble getting your steps in while you’re retrieving products from all corners of the store. Call it a grocery scavenger hunt on steroids. So apply today and begin your career adventure with us tomorrow!

    We need your skills:

    • Pick it - Pack it - Place it…
      • Prepare and deliver online orders that exceed customer expectations for ease of shopping, variety and, above all, freshness.
    • The devil is in the details…
      • Scan and bag products to fulfill customers’ online orders while paying particular attention to specific customer instructions.
    • Crisp Execution - Tick-Tock we’re on the clock…
      • Ensure quality and freshness (key company initiatives) of all items while meeting and exceeding timeliness and efficiency standards. Remember, it’s a busy world and time is money.
      • Maintain and process orders through state-of-the-art systems and deliver our high-quality products into customers’ cars quickly and efficiently.
    • Action - Exercise - Amusement…
      • Enjoy working in our fun team atmosphere, compete with co-workers (meet deadlines), challenge yourself (standing for extended periods of time) and get some exercise (walking extensively, as well as stooping, kneeling or crouching several times an hour) all while providing a SMILE to our many repeat customers. Your customer service keeps them coming back for more. J
    • “Houston we have a problem”…
      • Notify customers of any product substitutions at time of pick up.
    • There is no “I” in TEAM…
      • Assist in training new e-Commerce team members (we are always looking for great associates, so pass the word). Provide input on best practices to meet operational needs and develop schedules.
    • Cradle to grave….
      • Perform required opening and closing procedures.
      • Troubleshoot and maintain e-Commerce equipment and ensure staging areas are organized and cleanly.

    What we need from you to keep families coming back to our stores:

    • Can’t do without…
      • Ability to SMILE…you are the face of our company.
    • A necessity…
      • Ability to talk, not just text…excellent communication skills are required.
      • Ability to operate a smart phone…Ctrl-Alt-Delete and other basic PC skills will get you going.
      • 2 + 2 =? - Basic math is needed…no calculus required here.

    We provide the rest…

    • Training & advancement (we’ll help you get ahead)
    • Discounts and other perks (you get more than a check)
    • Training, coaching, mentoring (we see your potential)
    • Medical, dental, vision, life insurance, 401K (...and so much more!)
    • Health & wellness programs (your health is important to us)
    Contact Information
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